Nils: An Experiment in SEO

Nils. So my name is Nils. As mentioned in an earlier post, I want to see how far up the search engine rankings I can get this blog to show up for the word Nils. I figure if I mention it (Nils) enough that it’s got to show up (Nils) eventually and start getting good (Nils) rankings.

This blog was created on July 16 and was indexed by Google on July 17. Nice.

However, at present (July 22, 2009) it does not show up at all in the top 500 listings for the term “Nils”.

We’ll see what happens.


Updates to follow.

UPDATE: AUGUST 22, 2010: CURRENT RANKING – 418. Pathetic, I know. But you just wait – it’ll get better.

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