The Mill Creek Canyon Pipeline

This weekend my neighbor, Scott, invited me on a great bike ride called the Pipeline. I had heard of it before and was excited to go. I have an older cheap mountain bike but it proved sturdy enough. Me, on the other hand – not so sturdy. But more on that in a minute.

It all started well, here we are before starting.

Then I flipped over the front end of my bike going down a hill, smacked the rocky trail with my desk jockey body (and face) and then landed down here:nils02

After a quick scan for injuries, I realized nothing was broken (thank you, helmet!) and I had a sweet new tie-dye shirt effect. On my whole body. nils03

But like they say, “All’s well that ends well.” I had a great time and none of the injuries were too serious. Here’s how I’m looking now.





I remember thinking at several points while flying through these narrow and steep trails at break neck speeds, “This is awesome. Just what I needed.” So thanks to Scott and Gabriel for having me along. It sure beats Saturday morning chores.


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