Teaching Photoshop and Multimedia

I just got offered a job yesterday teaching at a local college. I’ll be teaching two classes twice a week: Photoshop and Multimedia. I’m pretty excited to try this out because I love sharing what I know and seeing others benefit from it. I am by no means the best out there and I have so much to learn but I’m pretty good at what I do and I definitely feel like I have something to share. The job doesn’t pay great but not many teachers get paid what they’re worth. I’m just excited for the experience.

I’m going to contact a couple of the professors I had in school who really impressed me and ask for a bit of advice. I really want to make this a good experience for the people in my class. I’m pretty sure that some of them are better than I am in many areas. The Photoshop course is for first time Photoshoppers and I feel like I could teach some advanced classes of that, so that’s no big deal. The Multimedia course will cover a broad range of mediums and softwares so there will be some that the students will be very knowledgeable in and I won’t. Plus, these are students about to graduate so they’ve got some experience with this sort of thing. I’m thinking about splitting them into groups and having them do a non-profit gig – maybe have them find a real client and complete a video, website, poster, commercial or anything else the non-profit needs. That would be a great experience, I think. I did a couple of those in school and really learned a lot.

Do you have advice for Nils on teaching? Drop me a line. I’llĀ  keep you posted on this blog.

Rock on.


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