Nils is Officially Graduated

I can’t believe it. Yesterday the mail man delivered me a special envelope. In it was the piece of paper that took me 12 years to earn. I finished school last December (ten months ago) but couldn’t afford to pay tuition until spring, then missed the graduation deadline so I had to apply for summer graduation. Fitting, right? So here’s what I have learned.

  • Take classes online as much as possible.
  • Sleep is definitely optional.
  • If you’re doing a group project with slackers, you’re better off doing things yourself.
  • Finish school as fast as you can. I obviously didn’t learn this lesson well but those are my words of advice to all still attending.
  • Marry the cute girl from your history class. But go on a mission first. Then have lots of kids and take 12 years to finish school after you graduate.
  • I procrastinate. I have more to write about this but I’ll take care of it tomorrow.
  • Having homework due is like having a weight on your shoulders, and you just don’t need that in your life. That’s what church callings are for.
  • When you have to pull a bunch of all nighters to finish your final projects at the end of every semester, buy Exude – it’s an alternative to Rockstar, tastes good and costs 79 cents at Smiths. I’ve gone many a night without sleeping thanks to these fine beverages. Thank, caffeine!
  • Changing your majors twice = bad.
  • Graduating with 190 credits = bad.
  • Math is not my forte. I never got an associates because I finally passed my math class (fifth time’s a charm) in my penultimate semester.
  • Choose a major that you can do something with. Even though it took a long time, my major is the kind that will help me earn money every day of my life (Digital Media).
  • Skip school once in a while. You deserve a break.
  • Skip summers if you want, but then again, that goes against the whole “Finish school as fast as you can” thing. I never attended during the summer and I’m glad I didn’t. Summers are sacred.
  • UVU is a great school. I’m glad my mom made me go there. Honestly.

Obviously the lesson I have yet to learn is how to write a concise blog post. Still working on that.

Nils and his hard earned diploma
Nils and his hard earned diploma

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