Photoshop World 2009, Baby!

It happened. My long time dream of attending Photoshop World became a reality last week. I spent a very educational three days in sunny and sin filled Las Vegas attending the conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I learned tons of new tricks and filled up the creative tanks. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Corey Barker’s classes kicked butt. I loved his innovative uses of Photoshops tools. He’s one creative dude.
  • The opening keynote/kickoff was very fun. I was able to sit in the second row and it really was more like a rock concert than a keynote.
  • Six tracks! They offered six classes at a time to choose from, which was great. You know you’re always missing a lot of great stuff so that’s where the next point comes into play.
  • 804 pages of workbook to catch you up. Miss a class? Read about what was taught in the mega-workbook.
  • Bring a backpack or a strap. I noticed most people had their cameras with them but nobody used a laptop – strange for such a techie crowd. I took notes on my laptop but I didn’t have a strap on my bag. I’ll definitely bring it next time.

I could write pages on all the techniques I learned but I hardly ever have time to post at all so all I can say is – Photoshop World ROCKS! I’ll definitely do all I can to go next year. Here are some pics from the show (and the strip).

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