Switcher: Exposè for Windows. Wow.

I discovered the coolest feature ever today. If you’ve ever experienced the Exposè window selector on a Mac, you probably loved it. In a nutshell, with the stroke of a key (or in my case, by pressing down on the mouse’s scroll wheel) it quickly displays all the open windows and allows you to select any of them in a second. Much faster and more visual than Alt Tab, better than the hover views that are available in Vista and Windows 7 when you mouse over the tabs in the taskbar.

Anyway – SWITCHER! Switcher is basically a highly customizable Exposè for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. I installed Windows 7 this week and so far I’m lovin’ it. Now that I have Switcher, I’m lovin’ it way more. Check it out. It’s free, it’s powerful and it speeds up your workflow. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Thanks, Switcher! Get yours here.

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