Catching Up

I haven’t written in a little while so here’s the rundown.

  • We’re having a baby in two weeks! We have a scheduled induction on December 1st so we’re pretty excited/anxious/nervous/giddy. Katrina’s pretty uncomfortable and she suffereth. Little Ava moves around as if she were doing backflips insider Katrina’s tummy. I can see her little limbs and bum moving around in there. We need a car seat.
  • I finished the term! I have now officially instructed Photoshop and Multimedia classes at Provo College. The new term started and I’m teaching Advanced Photoshop and Advanced Illustrator. I think we’ll all learn a lot during the course of this term.
  • I just bought a 60″ Pioneer HDTV for $85! KSL rocks. We went to pick it up today but the thing was so massive it didn’t fit in our van. I’m going to have to track down a truck and try again on Thursday. I really loved having movie nights as a family when we had the projector so now we’ll be able to resurrect the tradition.

    60" of HDTV for $85. Sweet!
    60" of HDTV for $85. Sweet!
  • iGlobal is getting busier and busier. Tons of orders coming in and lots of work to do. We’ll be rich one day. Mark my words.
  • I’m on a diet. That’s right, you heard me. I’ve never really dieted before but now I’m cutting back on fats and calories. For a while I consumed only 1,600 calories a day but now I’m not counting – I’m just changing all of the foods I eat and how much I eat. I still have an occasional treat but not much at all. Wheat bread, light Miracle Whip, fresh Turkey, canned Tuna, wheat pasta, Crystal Light and other less-horrible-for-your-body foods are now regular staples for me. I’ve lost 3lbs so far. My goal: fit into my size 32 pants again.

I think that about wraps it up. I’ll hopefully be able to write more soon.

Rock on.


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