Frozen Taskbar and Explorer in Windows 7 = Virus!

I spend half my time on PCs and half on Macs. I quite like my PC. It performs much better than my equally equipped Mac and costs a heck of a lot less. I like my Macs, too, but have yet to purchase one myself. Today, however, Macs go up a point or two in my book – or better yet – PCs go down a point or two. Here’s why.

Today I came down to my office to work on my PC and I discovered that whenever I hovered over the taskbar, I got the annoying little spinning wheel (the equivalent of the older hourglass). I couldn’t click or do anything. I then saw that Explorer was locked up, too. I tried using alt-tab to switch apps and that was frozen, too. Good times. Several hours later I discovered the simple fix here. Thanks for posting that, “iamdrdeath”. You’re swell for sharing. So, in case that link ever breaks, my problem was with an executable located in C:\Program Files (x86)\RelevantKnowledge\rlvknlg.exe. That .exe file was killing my system. I simply deleted it, emptied the trash, rebooted and I am now good to go. So if you run into the same thing – see if that nasty little file is killing your system, too.

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