Nils cold. Nils fix furnace. Arrr!

I feel like Bob the Builder today. Can we fix it? Yes we can. I woke up this morning and the house was cold. I figured the thermostat was just turned down but it was set to 73 and the house was at 63. Not good. I went down and checked the furnace and it was blowing air and everything but there was no fire. Not good. I flipped the power off and on but that did nothing. Not good. I wasn’t about to break down and call a repair guy, though. I’m too cheap to do that. What about the expenses, the time and the insult to my manhood? Nope. Not me. Me man. Me fix furnace. Arrr.

So thanks to the miracle that is the internet, I was able to diagnose what the problem part was: the Electric Igniter. I took a trip to the Home Depot where they then pointed me to an HVAC place. I picked the part up for $40 plus tax, took it home, installed it and voila! We have heat. I’m so proud of myself. Now I just need to call a repair man to find out how much that would have cost. Then I can take the money we “saved” and use it to buy lots and lots of Milk Duds. Mmmmm, Milk Duds. Or not.

Christmas is in twenty hours and eighteen minutes. I should probably get some sleep. I’m putting in a half day at work then hopefully I’ll get to take a nap. Very doubtful, though. Or maybe I’ll just shower now and then head to work. It’s already almost 4AM anyway. We’ll see. Rock on.


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