We got a Wii!

Thanks to my oh so generous Mom and Dad, we now have a Wii. I’ve played the Wii before but not much so we’re excited to get into it. I’ve been trying to find Rock Band for the Wii for a couple of weeks now, in anticipation of the arrival of the Wii but haven’t been able to respond to a KSL ad quite fast enough to get the good deals just yet. But I will.

My parents actually bought us both the Wii (my graduation present) and the Wii Fit (Katrina’s birthday present). Ironically, the Wii Fit arrived about two weeks before the Wii, which arrived today finally. We played a little tonight and then after everybody else was asleep, I came down and tried out the Wii Fit.

My first impressions of the Wii Fit are that it’s very fun, very balance oriented (duh!) and pretty addictive. It’s gaming that happens to be good for your body. Very clever. Apparently my fitness age is 38. But that’s not bad considering that when I took my age test before working out for a half hour I was 44. I lost 6 years in 30 minutes. Nice.

Big thanks to my ever-so-kind folks for hooking us up. We’re loving it and looking forward to exercising, gaming and rocking out for years to come.

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