Nils History, Part 4: Stars in the Classroom

This week’s question:

Do you remember any visitors that came to your classroom – like the mayor, an actor or a cowboy star?

Not off the top of my head, I don’t. Lame answer, I know, but I don’t have any great experiences to share on this one. So instead, I’ll list some of the people I’d love to shadow for a little while or hang out with or live with. I’m not a backstage pass and signature kind of guy. If I won backstage passes to go see my favorite band, I might say hi to the members of the band and introduce myself but I’m not the star-struck type. I would more likely give the passes to someone else – or better yet, sell them on eBay. Stars are just ordinary people who happen to be famous.¬†Admittedly, however, there are those whose lives I find fascinating and would love to learn from. Some of them are:

  • George Washington – he’s an example to many and did some pretty amazing things, even when the odd’s were really against him
  • Benjamin Franklin – A creative soul – I would love to have been able to pick his brain about the thinking process and witnesses some of his political and tangible accomplishments.
  • Moses – he’s pretty much toward the top of the list. What a life this man lived.
  • Jesus Christ – He IS the top of the list, for sure. Can you imagine spending time with Him?
  • Tony Robins – I’ve listened to a lot of his books on tape and would love to find out how well he practices what he teaches. If he’s half as amazing in real life as he is in his seminars and such, he’d be an amazing tutor to shadow
  • Leonardo DaVinci – back to the creative arena, this guy was the king of so many mediums and such an amazing artists. His controversial and highly debated life would have been fascinating to witness as well.

There are others, I’m sure, but time is short and baby Ava is fussy so I’ll wrap this up. If we could take the good from these people’s lives and emulate it, we could do a world of good – famous or not. Many of the most amazing individuals that ever lived were never written about or made famous. That doesn’t make them one bit less amazing to me.

Rock on,

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