Nils History, Part 5: The Folks’ Room

The burning question of the week:

What was your parents’ room like (beds, bedspreads, easy chairs, etc.)? Were you allowed to rest in their bed when you were sick?

I remember my parents’ room as being very Victorian. I’m pretty sure they bought most of their furniture at some sort of an auction and it was all very antique-esque. They had a tall mirror on top of their dresser, a large bed with a big ol’ headboard and that’s about what I remember. You see, I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to my childhood. I remember that my mom used to hide birthday (and some Christmas) presents in their bedroom closet. We’d often sneak in there before our birthdays to see what awaited. I remember sneaking in there one August day to find a “My Pet Monster”. I was pumped. Apparently that was circa 1985 or thereabouts.

My Pet Monster

I also just remembered that there was a sort of walk-in closet that they kept the ironing board in, along with my Dad’s roll-top desk. And I think there was even a closet in there, and a window. So maybe it wasn’t a walk-in closet but a really small room that could only be entered through another room. That house actually had at least three rooms that could only be entered by walking through another room. Not so great for privacy.

Because of my shady memory, I have only certain memories of my parents’ bedroom. I don’t ever recall sleeping in their bed when sick or anything but I probably did. I also remember:

  • Listening at their closed door to see if they were awake when we got home super late at night. I can’t remember why, though.
  • Finding my Mom’s dental tools and wondering what they were for (I think she had used them to clean her own teeth).
  • Showing my Mom my penmanship grades in the corner of their room. She told me I was the first Rasmusson to get an A in penmanship. I was proud. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. Thanks for nothing, keyboard.
  • Sitting in their room with my brother York after we both got home way later than we should have while York stood up to my folks and I cowered in the corner. He pointed at them one at a time and said “Screw you, and screw you!” I was shocked. Floored. York has since turned out to be one of the most upstanding guys you’ll ever meet. Aaaah, teenagers.
  • Watching scary movies with the sibs while my parents hosted a Christmas party downstairs
  • Feeding (and not feeding) the bird they kept in their room for a very short time before we neglected to provide it sufficient water. We weren’t the greatest at caring for small animals.
  • Playing on their bed that was part waterbed, part mattress bed. I guess it was a water mattress.
  • Sitting on the bed while my Mom used a sewing needle to remove splinters. I hated that so much but it was always worth it.

Looking back, I think that their room wasn’t really very big but at the time it seemed huge. Amazing how things change as you grow. I’m blessed to have great parents who gave all of their free time to us. And now they’re blessed with a much bigger and more comfortable room. They deserve it.

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