Time Lapse Video on iPhone – GorillaCam App


I definitely have a bit of a crush on my iPhone. I’m constantly impressed with all of the things it can do. One of the newest features I tried is using it to create a time-lapse video using the totally free app Gorillacam.

With Gorillacam you can choose the intervals between photos as well as how many total photos to take. Due to the auto focus feature on the phone, all of your shots might not be consistent if the subject of the photo changes. There are apps out there that will help you to actually assemble the photos but I’m all about free so I just used this one to take the pics, then used Adobe Premiere Pro to put them together.

The above video was created by taking one photo every 15 seconds and consists of 500 photos. I then imported them into Premiere after setting the default still photo time length to 2 frames in the preferences. I still don’t know exactly how but there’s a way to reverse the order of the stills when you drag them to the timeline. I tried some keyboard combos and one of them seemed to work.

Yet another reason to love the iPhone.

Rock On!
– Nils

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