Nils History, Part 7: The 4 A’s

OK, so I’m a week late this time but I’m writing two posts tonight to catch up. Last week’s question asks:

How many children do you have? What are their names? How old are they?

Aaah, my kids. I love my kids. I’m a fairly young dad and I love that too. Katrina and I have four children. Let me introduce them.

ANDERS: Our seven year old. He’s a smarty pants. He’s a creative soul. He’s into trying foods that he’s unsure of. He loves Nutella. He thinks school is too easy. He plays soccer. He’s a sensitive boy. He deeply loves his Mom and Dad. He helps with the girls. He’s a little stud muffin.

ADDIE: Our five year old. She won’t take anyone’s crap. She’s a bit of a puzzle sometimes. She loves to be tickled softly on her arms and back (like her Mom). She’s a girly girl – loves princesses, unicorns and rainbows. She likes playing with her neighbor friends. She’s a Daddy’s girl. She’s stubborn. She’s a beautiful little girl.

AANI: Our three year old. She’s a spunky little firecracker. She’s a comedienne. She acts bipolar. She loves to do baby talk. She loves babies. She’s a snuggler (we love that – she’s the only one). She’s rough and tumble. She hasn’t realized that she’s three – she thinks she’s ten. She likes to make up stories. She eats meat (also our only one who does that). She’s a true cutie pie.

AVA: Our 9 month old. She’s an adorable little butterball turkey. She has rolls. She crawls. She has the beginnings of two teeth. She aint no snuggler. She loves to shriek. She eats pretty much anything within reach. She claps, waves and shakes her head. She’s adored by all. Anders may just be her number one fan. She likes people and is generous with smiles. She’s very ticklish. She’s like sunshine in our family.

So that’s our crew. We count ourselves very lucky to have each of them. Now if I could just finish the book “Parenting with Love and Logic” I might know how to raise these little souls.

Rock on,

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