Nils History, Part 10: Prom

This one’s funny.

Who did you go to prom with? What did you wear? Did you dance much?

I was uber-popular in high school. Did I say uber-popular? I meant UNpopular. I didn’t go to the prom at all. As it turns out, neither did my wife. Maybe we would have gone together if we hand’t been 2000 miles apart.

In high school, I was a bit of a loser. Not a total loser, but a bit of one. I had my friends and I usually had a girlfriend but most of the time I was dating a member of my church who wasn’t in my school. As it happened, whenever prom time came around, I was girlfriendless. This saved me a lot of money and prevented the potentially awkward situation of post-prom activities. Unlike most of the kids in my school, I had decided to have sex only after I was married. I always hated hearing the stories of sweet and nice girls that I knew who went to prom, got sloshed and slept with some guy. It ruined things, ya know? Anyway, I’m perfectly fine with not having gone to prom. I’ll encourage my kids to go if they want to but it’s up to the individual. So that’s my lame prom story.

Rock on,

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