Nils History, Part 12: Mine Love Handles

Today’s question: Are you overweight or underweight?

According to my BMI, I am overweight. Barely. Though it’s somewhat¬†embarrassing, I now have a li’l gut. And it groweth. See the pic.

Nils' Gut
Nils’ Gut

I’ve always been a skinny and rather underweight guy. I was tired of it. I realize that this makes people sick and everybody wants to have the problem I had. Nobody wants to be overweight and most would prefer to be underweight, but we all want to have the ideal body image. I did, too.

I started working out one summer. I consumed large amounts of protein. I used Creatine while working out to help me gain muscle mass. This went on for about three months and it started to work. When I started, I weighed 160. After that three months I weighed 175. ¬†I was pretty happy. I had always wanted to weigh 185, though, which is the optimal weight for a 6’0″ guy.

When I stopped working out, whatever muscle I had in chest seemed to melt downward and turn int a bit of a gut. This was the first time I had ever experienced this and, while I wondered where my abdominal muscles were hiding, I didn’t care enough to do anything about it… for a while. It was probably a year later that I realized that my expensive three-year gym membership hadn’t yet expired and I figured I should start working out again. I hit the gym for another three month stint (or so) and, once again, started to build some muscle and add some muscle weight. Then I stopped, got a bit flabbier… you get the picture. So the picture you see here is the result. I reached my 185 and I’m in ok shape. Certainly not muscular but I’m doing alright. I sit in a chair all day at work and I don’t do a whole lot more at night, so what do I expect? We’ll see what happens in the coming years.

UPDATE: It is now March of 2014 and that picture hasn’t changed much and neither has my weight. I have a little bit of a gut but nothing major and I still weight 185. I got up to 196 once and that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. I didn’t like 196 so starved myself down to my trusted 185 and have managed to stay there. I’m pretty content now.

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