Pinewood Derby

Anders had his first Pinewood Derby race this week. We had a lot of fun working on the car together and, though it wasn’t the fastest, it was one good looking ride.

The race track allowed for three cars at a time so Anders was in the first heat. He had a hard time right away as his car was not the fastest. As the additional heats raced, his ranking dropped and he ended up placing 11th out of 13. He was doing his very best not to cry and he managed to keep it together. I had given him a pep talk two or three times about how his car wouldn’t likely be the fastest, just the best looking. Come race time, though, it was still pretty hard on him. He had fun though and we both had a great time working on the car together.

Anders first Pinewood Derby
Anders car wasn't the fastest, but probably the coolest. Best of Show.
One hot pinewood derby car.
Easily the sportiest pinewood derby car around 🙂
That's a great looking Pinewood Derby Car! - Go 8!
That's a great looking Pinewood Derby Car! - Go 8!

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