Manti Pageant, Music and the Spoken Word, Painting, Bishopric

I shouldn’t really be blogging write now but I figured if I don’t write about my weekend now I never will. So here’s a one minute overview.

  • Friday afternoon we took off to go to the Manti Pageant (my first time) with Kevin and Tonya and their kids. We had a great time, all went well and it was a pretty amazing production. We got back at about 1:45 am and we were a tired bunch.
  • My parents came to stay with us for the weekend and arrive around midnight Friday night.
  • Saturday morning I woke Anders up at 5:30 to come with me on my 14 mile run in preparation for my marathon in just less than a month. The week before I ran 18 miles so I was thinking 14 would be pretty simple. About 2.5 miles in, I started to feel a sharp pain on the outside of my right knee. It didn’t go away after another mile so I decided I had better turn back. I guess that’s called the IT band and is very problematic when running long distances. I’ll have to research that one further. It doesn’t hurt at all when I’m not running so it’s easy to forget about.
  • After that my Dad and the rest of our crew went to Home Depot to buy paint and to a plumbing store to buy a new part for our kitchen faucet.
  • I was able to fix the kitchen faucet (the handle came off) for $5. Good as new. Rrrrrrr. Me man. Me fix stuff.
  • Katrina, my Dad and I started work on painting the family room (which is now isolated from the office and has no arch cutout) and spent the whole rest of the day on it, until about 9:30 at night. It looks really nice but Katrina is feeling majorly “distressed” (as she put it) about the colors. I’m not much help there. I’m just going to do what makes her happy, even if that means repainting.
  • On Saturday we told the kids about me being called into the bishopric the next day (by the way, I got called into the bishopric the next day. Keep reading.) Anders kind of freaked out. He said “I can’t believe you’re going to be in the bishopric” about 25 times throughout the day. He was obviously very much in shock about it. As was (am) I. Pizza and root beer floats Saturday night. Yumbo.
  • Sunday morning we got up around 7 to attend Music and the Spoken Word (Katrina, my Dad and I) while my Mom stayed home with the kids to make chocolate dipped pretzels. They love doing activities with Nana so that was great. We had a great time at the program, too. I have never been and was very impressed. We also did a tour of the conference center.
  • During sacrament meeting that day, I was called as the 2nd Councilor in the Bishopric. Crazy. I still can’t understand this but it is what it is. Lots of other changes occurred in the ward, including Katrina (as a result of my calling) being released from the R.S. presidency and called as an Activity Days board member.
  • After sacrament my Dad set me apart as a High Priest (weird. I’m 33.) and Regan Stockman set me apart as a councilor. Am I spelling that right? Not sure. No time to check.
  • After church I hung out to do tithing, which took a while.
  • Went to Kathy’s for dinner. Good food as always.
  • After we got home I went to the previous councilor’s (Jon Pitcher’s) house so he could hand off the mega-binder to me and fill me in on my responsibilities. He’s awesome and it was very helpful. He’s the Young Men’s President now so I’ll be able to see him regularly.

Busy weekend. I’ll post photos if I get the time. I just wanted to document this while it was fresh.

Peace out. Rock on.

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