Cross Fit Day 3

Yesterday, July 21, I attended a 90 minute beginner’s course for all newer cross fitters. It was pretty simple – we mostly just learned proper form and technique on the nine core exercises. I don’t think I remember them all but I know there was the squat (air squat), forward squat, shoulder squat, push press, dip press, sumo press, medicine ball press, dead lift, wall ball and . . . That’s what I remember anyway. At the end we did AMRAP for 7 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats. My muscles simply died on the pushups. I could not do ten of them by the third round. I couldn’t do 5. The trainer suggested just doing girl pushups but that felt like cheating so I didn’t. I didn’t do many rounds but also didn’t keep track. I’m guessing less than three.

I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off since I’m running a marathon on Tuesday. I’m also taking Friday off since I’ll be heading to Logan that day for a vacation weekend.

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