Marathon? Check.

One of the items on my bucket list has been to run a marathon. On Pioneer Day this year (July 24th), I was able to run the Deseret News Marathon in Salt Lake. Here are some highlights.

  • I trained by running mostly just on Saturdays, doing long runs while Anders rode his bike along side me. He’s a champ.
  • The longest I ran before the marathon was 18 miles. I tried running longer but had all kinds of pains and didn’t want to be injured for the race.
  • I didn’t really ever run during the week. Because running is hard. And not fun.
  • I clocked a 2:09 half-marathon during a couple of runs, so that’s better than my two official half marathons.
  • I downloaded an audiobook the night before the marathon, which made the run way easier. Thank you, Orson Scott Card, for writing¬†Pastwatch. I’m almost done with it now.
  • I thought I broke my foot during training. Turns out the super-arch support insoles in my shoes were screwing up my feet. I removed them after my second 18 mile run and had no more issues. There was a lot of limping going on for days and days, though.
  • I had IT band issues but was able to overcome those.
  • The marathon went well but I definitely couldn’t run the whole time. My goal was to continue my routine of running for ten minutes and then walking one. Instead I ran the first hour (all down hill) then did the rotation, then had to start walking more by 15 or 16 miles.
  • All went well – no major pains or issues, just blisters. I finished in 4:48.

And now for some photos.

Ready to rock


me sPEshuL!!


Plugging along.


Wow. I can’t believe how defeated I look. Slacker.


Just before the finish.


Dried up sweat. I don’t remember ever having white rings around my face like this before.


Blisters. There’s one big boy below my little toe and another near the outside of my heel. Those took about a week to pop.

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