My, my. Another year gone by. Here are few highlights from 2012.

  • Our kids turned 3, 5, 7 and 9 this year.
  • I got called into the bishopric in my ward in June, I was a Gospel Doctrine instructor before that
  • I ran a marathon.
  • Katrina ran a half marathon.
  • Katrina and I turned 34.
  • My YouTube Channel started making me some fun side money ($100+/month)
  • We ditched the Androids and each got an iPhone 5
  • We bought a puppy (though we don’t get to take her home until January)
  • iGlobal continues to grow -another year of doubling for us with lots more personell
  • Date nights have been awesome. We have them almost every week. I’m one lucky guy.
  • I upgraded from the iPad 1 to the iPad 3
  • Attempted daily 1 hour cross fit sessions for about six weeks. Bleh.
  • We spent a few days in Logan and at Bear Lake, in a rented house
  • Katrina and I went to Music and the Spoken Word for the first time, and to the Christmas Concert at the Tabernacle
  • I finished the bathroom in the basement finally – the whole basement is all kinds of done.
  • We refinanced our mortgage.
  • This year’s food challenges included a 29 oz pie, Ghost Chili hot wings (major fail) and Dunford Donuts. I still haven’t won any.
  • Katrina and I celebrated 12 years of marriage
  • Lost my dear Nana
  • Attended the every-other-year (bi-annual?) Rasmusson Family Reunion
  • Visited Mt. Timpanogos Cave again
  • We got a treadmill and Katrina started working out at home instead of the gym
  • We ditched the entertainment center and 27″ tube TV and got a 37″ flat panel TV
  • Katrina performed in a Revival Recital, playing “Two Guitars”
  • Anders and Addie started piano lessons and had their first recital
  • Addie and Aani started tumbling and then gymnastics
  • I sold my beloved Acura TL and bought a Honda Accord with 34k miles
  • I continue to do some contract work here and there but don’t have time to do much at all
  • I listened to / read several books, including:
    • Life of Pi
    • Red Prophet (book two of the Alvin Maker series)
    • Prentice Alvin (book three of the Alvin Maker series)
    • Ready Player One
    • The Tombs
    • A Wanted Man (latest Jack Reacher book)
    • Ultramarathon Man
    • The Lean Startup
    • Entre Leadership (Dave Ramsey)
    • Game of Thrones (never quite finished this one)
    • Probably several others but that’s all I can remember right now

It’s been a good year.

Band of Horses
Band of Horses
Family Reunion
Family Reunion
Hot Wings - too hot
Hot Wings – too hot
The "new" Accord
The “new” Accord
Me and my girl
Me and my girl
Family Photos
Family Photos
Timpanogos Cave with the fam
Timpanogos Cave with the fam
6 Weeks of Cross-Fit
6 Weeks of Cross-Fit

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