Making a $28 Stand Up Desk

I’m a pretty sedentary guy. I tend to sit down for about 14 or 15 hours each day. Wow. That’s sad. Anyway, at work I’ve been sitting on an exercise ball for the last couple of months and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m sure it hasn’t done much for me but it makes me feel like I’m making an effort. Unfortunately, the ball I was using wasn’t mine and I had to give it back. I had been thinking about the idea of a stand up desk for some time and a co-worker told me about people making cheap standup desks from Ikea side tables. As it just so happens, there’s an Ikea about five minutes from where I work so I decided to head over there one lunch break and scope out some hardware. This is the result.

Stand Up Desk for $28

Arms at 90ยบ for the stand up desk. Nice!

Stand Up Desk for $28

Stand Up Desk for $28
What!? You’re still sitting down at work?! Stand up, desk jockeys everywhere!

Ikea has some great components on the cheap to let you try out the stand up desk without investing hundreds of dollars. All of the links are below. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ikea lets you order online unless there’s a store you can pick up from but the concept will work with any small side tables, some brackets and a shelf. See below for some products that will work.

No Ikea near you? I found these items (or very similar ones) on Amazon! They cost more but they’re still not too expensive. Check it out:

Are you using a stand up desk? I’d love to hear about it. Thinking about getting one? Go for it! It’s not too bad to get used to and it will make you feel just that much less lazy. And we could all use a little less laziness. Viva la desk jockey!

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